Dementia is characterized by multiple cognitive defects that including Alzheimer’s disease, leads to a progressive loss of mental functions. The present study was aimed at investigating the effects of Saraswatarishta, an ayurvedic polyherbal formulation on memory in swiss albino mice. The drug Saraswatarishta was administered orally in two doses (1ml/kg and 2ml/kg). Amnesia was induced in mice by intraperitoneal injection of diazepam (1mg/kg). Elevated plus-maze and Hebb’s William maze apparatus served as the exteroceptive behavioral models for memory. Saraswatarishta (1ml/kg and 2ml/kg, p.o) produced a dose-dependent improvement in learning and memory in mice. Furthermore, it reversed the amnesia induced by diazepam (1mg/kg, i.p). It may prove to be a useful remedy for the management of Alzheimer’s disease.

Key words: Saraswatarishta, Ayurveda, Memory, Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia.

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